For the record I do not like the word Blog

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

...However, I don’t have a better name for it, so I can’t get too huffy. I have rules for times like this, well, they’re actually more like guidelines for the unruly so...

ok...annnnnnnnnd....3 2 1...Blog.

Planning the future is not a natural tendency I have, but obviously, if I want to be a person in society, this is something I should work on… so I am. I have to admit, this is a pretty ballsy way to start a Blog, especially one that is supposed to help me reach out professionally. Welp, I’m gonna be real here, I’m not a perfect person, (whaaat?! no….) I have things I gotta work on. I drive with my heart, and when you drive with your heart “feeling your way” to an end game or a solution is kinda standard.

The FUTURE is a scary word for some, for others its exciting and adventurous, and for most people it is both. Today the future is… uhm…. extremely uncertain, and It has been for all of 2020. We do however, might want to keep in mind that the future, by it’s very nature, has, and always will be… uncertain. I am absolutely ok with this. If I have learned anything (and I’m practically 40, so maybe I know a thing…) it’s that ANYTHING is possible. Sweet Baby Jeebs I know this. For better or for worse I know this. And Uncertainty makes it difficult to plan…

So what do we do?

Yes? you there… in the back…doodling on your calendar to keep from losing your mind while we try to drag you to agenda town… have you an answer?

Doodle Person: Well, I guess we create some intentions and then stick to our guns, play by the rules, (and then break them a little) and strive to be good on our word. And in the meantime, find replacement words for the ones that scare you… words such as GOALS or RULES or BLOG or SELF PROMOTION.

mmmmm-K, alright Doodle person… you get a star and a tiny trophy.

Doodle Person: yaaaaaay

Now for the next question… Why do I think you’ll give a $*&# about what I have to say about the future? And what does it have to do with Graphic Design? And is it safe to throw myself out there like this? Is it unprofessional to swear even if it’s with ampersands and hashtags and such?

Whulllll the answers to those questions are all in the Uncertain Future now aren’t they? Personally, I’d like to live fearlessly, because: